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Picture of Our Irish Setter Puppies.
Our Hunting or Field Dog Line.

our Irish Setter puppies for sale
Our Irish Setter Puppies

We have Irish Setter puppies for sale now.

We also have Irish Doodle Puppies Available - see our IRISH DOODLE page.
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Irish Setter puppy for sale

Welcome to Smyth Irish Setters Home Page. We are breeders of a fine line of hunting dogs. Our Irish Setters are hunting dogs as well as pets. We have searched for many years and went through considerable expense to find the finest line of hunting Irish Setters that the line has to offer. The Smyth Irish Setter is top dog in the line of Irish Setters, offering quality and style.

Our Irish Setter puppies are very mellow in temperament. Our Irish Setters are easily trained and make good family pets. Smyth Irish Setters are from a line of large, dark, dual champions which we imported from Great Britten. We imported our original stock from Britten because we could not find any Irish Setters for sale in this country that were the classic old fashioned bird dogs of times past. At that time finding a good hunting Irish Setters for sale was quite difficult, they were very hard to find. Our Irish Setters are excellent hunting dogs.

We place our Irish Setter puppies with families across the country. Our puppies have been shipped from New York to California, Texas to Minnesota. One year a family drove from Chicago, Illinois to our kennel Christmas eve to pick out their Christmas Irish Setter puppy.

We have Irish Setter puppies of various ages available at various times.

We currently have Irish Setter puppies available text, call or email us about them. Email Smyth Irish Setters We try to have two litters of pups a year. We get many inquires every day, especially around Christmas, if you do not hear back from us within a day, you might have to check back with us to let us know that you are serious about getting a puppy.

Smyth Irish Setters - Our Irish Setter picture.
We had a difficult time finding good hunting Irish Setters for sale when we started our kennel.
Our Irish Setter hunting grouse.

Old Fashioned Hunting Field Irish Setter Puppies for Sale

Irish Setter puppies for sale.
Picture of our Irish Setter pups

Call us for more information on our Irish Setters. For more pictures of our Irish Setters view the other three pages on this site, especially our Irish Setter puppy litter announcement page listed at the top of the page. Our male Irish Setters are very mellow and make good pets as well as good bird dogs for hunting. Our dogs like to hunt partridge, quail, pheasants, ducks, and geese.

Two AKC Irish Setters
Our Irish Setter Bonzo and our Irish Setter Sire, George

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Our Irish Setter are placed as pets - not for breeding purposes
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