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Irish Setter puppy

Below is a picture of our male hunting Irish Setter, Wimpy. He is a pointer from the Marandon Irish Setters line. This Irish Setter line is known for their hunting ability. Wimpy is a Bird Dog and loves to go hunting for grouse. Our Irish Setters love to hunt. Finding good bird dogs for sale like these can be difficult. Email us (Click here)

Irish Setter pup
This is a picture of one of our Christmas pups

Irish Setter

Our Irish Setter, Grandpa Pine Hills Sir Reginald,
Wimpy's Dad, Real Mellow Fellow

AKC Irish Setters

Our Irish Setter, Grandpa Marandon Lucky Charm,
and Grandma Birdy Redwing

Male Irish Setter
One of our Hunting Irish Setters

Two Irish Setters
Our Irish Setter, Paddington Tall Boy and Daughter Star.
(Wendover Imports)
Field Irish Setters

A fair days work, our Irish Setter, Wimpy

Hunting Irish Setter

Irish Setter Hunting Picture.
Our Irish Setters love to hunt.

Irish Setters George Bonzo
Picture of our Irish Setters

Irish Setters loafing
Picture of our Irish Setter, Grandma Windy Babe--just loafing. Our Irish Setters are high energy dogs and make good walking companions for those who like to hike, hunt, or just stroll down the old country road.

Irish Setter puppies gun dogs
A picture of our Irish Setter Puppies at about 2 weeks!

Field Irish Setters

More information about our Irish Setters can be found on our Home Page below for this site. Enjoy your visit of our site.