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Irish Setter pups for sale near me Mn, IL, Wi, Mi, Ny, VA, FL, PA, MA
Irish Setter puppies at 8 weeks of age.

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Irish Setter puppies for sale & adoption
Pictures of Our Irish Setter puppies

Hunting Irish Setter puppies bird dogs
Our Irish Setter Puppies
Irish Setter puppies at about 11 weeks

On this page are some pictures of our Irish Setter puppies at various stages of development. These pictures will show what our puppies will look like at different ages. These pictures are for reference to show what our Irish Setter puppies look like at various stages.
These dogs will make excellent pets or hunting companions.

irish setter puppies for sale dog breeders
Our Irish Setter pups at about 4 weeks of age.

Irish Setter puppies are charming and playful.

Our Irish Setter puppies are mellow in temperament and energetic.
Irish Setter pups should be given a large fenced in yard with room to exercise and play.

More Pictures of our Irish Setter puppies at different stages of development

Hunting Irish Setter pups for sale
Field Irish Setter puppies

Call us for up to date information on our Irish Setters.

We receive many inquiries each week, and it is often difficult for us to keep track of everyone, so if you are interested in our puppies keep in contact with us. We place our Irish Setters as pet quality.

Our Irish Setter puppies are available for local pickup as well as shipping.
When our Irish Setter pups reach 8 weeks, they are ready for new homes.

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